What memory card can be used in the Aleta S2C camera?

The Aleta S2C camera needs a micro SD card to store the photos while shooting. The most important to Aleta S2C is the write speed, and most SD cards use Speed Class symbols to help users choose. Aleta S2C requires  U3, V30. If you see any of the symbols on the card, you can use that card in the Aleta S2C.

Capacity The capacity to store 12K photo: 

32 GB: about 3000 shots.

64 GB: about 6000 shots. 

Aleta S2C supports max capacity of 128 GB.

An “ERR” shown on display and I cannot shoot a photo

Please use the APP “AletaS2C Viewer” to format the micro SD card in the camera. After clicking the shot button, the live image will freeze shortly and then the upper-right corner of the APP will show the image you took. You can confirm the image is taken successfully by checking the upper right.

What type of battery can be used in the Aleta S2C camera? and what is the battery life?

The Aleta S2C camera needs 2 pieces of 3.7V 18650 rechargeable battery for about 70 minutes. Flat-top or button-top do not matter. To shoot all day long, we suggest preparing 8 pieces. Don't buy any battery exceeding 3400 mAh, that is  fake. 2500, 2600, 3000, and 3400 mAh are OK. Don’t use any battery with length more than 68mm.

Batteries inserted, but the camera does not turn on.

Make sure your batteries are fully charged. If your batteries are flat top, do not mistake the anode for the cathode.

What do the battery charger indicators mean? 

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Can I use a power bank to charge the batteries in the Aleta S2C camera while shooting?

No, you can not charge batteries in the Aleta S2C camera. Batteries need to be removed from the Aleta S2C camera and can be charged in the standandalone charger.  

Is there any power source other than batteries? 

 A power bank or a car adapter that outputs DC 12V with a correct Male Jack DC power connector can power the Aleta S2C camera.

What is the compatible Male Jack DC Power connector dimension?

The compatible Male Jack DC Power connector is 5.5mm X 2.5 mm.  

What is the minimum stitching distance?

The Aleta S2C camera has a minimum stitching distance of 1 meter (3.3 ft). If there are objects too near, please try to face the objects with a single lens to avoid stitching error.

How to avoid stitching errors?

The Aleta S2C  camera has an auto stitching function which can detect the distance of the scene and stitch images from each lens, but there is still a chance to get some error. For example, if there are both far and near objects close to the stitching line, it may cause some distortion. Before shooting, we suggest using the APP preview to confirm the image. If you see some distortion, there are some ways to fix: (1) Rotate the camera to change the position of stitching lines. (2) Use manual stitching and select the correct distance.

How can I connect my iPhone/ iPad to the Aleta S2C camera?

For iOS device, please use the iOS setting -> Wi-Fi to find the camera

where is the mic in the Aleta S2C camera?

No. there is no mic in the Aleta S2C camera. You may use an USB microphone, or record voice via your smartphone

What is the function of the USB?

1. to connect an USB microphone.

 2. To connect an USB to female RJ-45 Ethernet port.

 3. To connect an USB hub.

Why is the horizon not leveling?

The Aleta camera has a sensor to know how much the camera tilts, and it will record the information in EXIF of photos, so that the viewer app/ program will read the information and do the leveling. So if the image horizon is not leveling, please use the Google Photos app to check.

Do the photos have azimuth?

Yes, the Aleta S2C camera has a built-in e-compass and stores azimuth in EXIF of photos.

I cannot take a shot and the camera makes a short sound of “du-du”

Please check if the micro SD card is inserted well in the camera. If yes and there is “ERR” shown on screen, please format the micro SD card.

The photo does not have a GPS location. Does the Aleta S2C camera have a built-in GPS?

The Aleta S2C camera does not have a built-in GPS. The AletaS2C Viewer app will get GPS location from your smartphone and store it in the photo.

How to change the Nadir?

Please check the tutorial video.

How to get RAW (DNG) photos from the Aleta S2C camera?

The Aleta S2C camera only outputs .jpg photos.

What settings are adjustable?

EV, ISO, shutter, Color Temperature, Tint, Contrast, Saturation

Can I use the Aleta S2C camera with the Google Street View app?  

Yes, the Google Street View app can connect to the Aleta S2C camera.

New firmware & how to upgrade it


-Fix e-compass correction

-Improve video recording

-Fix nadir error issue

How to upgrade the firmware?

1. Prepare one micro SD card with FAT32 file system.

2. Download the ZIP firmware file (.zip) into the root of the SD card. Make sure there is no other zip file in the same root.


Important !

Safari on MAC will unzip the file automatically so it won't upgrade well.

MAC users, please download the file with Chrome browser.

3. Make sure batteries are full, or plug in the 12V DC adapter. Otherwise the Aleta S2C camera won't upgrade.

4. Insert the micro SD card into the camera.

5. Turn on the camera and then while the SD card status is “OK”, the camera will start to upgrade. After finishing upgrading, the camera will reboot.

6. Do not shut down the camera before finishing rebooting. Please wait until the camera screen shows camera information (time/resolution/mode)

7. If the zip file is not recognized successfully, the camera will stop upgrading and show “aborted” on the screen of camera. Please press power button to shut down the camera and check the firmware file (.zip) again.

8. If it didn't upgrade successfully, please change the name of .zip file and repeat all the steps.