FAQ for Aleta S1

1.Sometimes I can see stitching lines between images. Can it be improved?

Aleta 360 camera offers auto stitching function which can stitch image properly most of the time. There are some hints to improve the stitching:

(1) The minimum stitching distance is 60 cm. If there are objects too close, try to avoid the stitching line to cross theses objects.

(2) The stitching line can only focus on a single distance. Try to make objects on the stitching line stays in the same distance.

(3) Manual stitching lets the user to stitch image on certain distances. Use the slide bar to adjust stitching for the main object you want to shoot.

3.Why is it hard to connect the camera thru Wi-Fi sometimes?

The Wi-Fi signal is highly related to the environment. Without blocking it can work in 30 meters, but indoor it usually works in around 10 meters. If there are too many Wi-Fi in the same place, change the Wi-Fi channel in the setting menu may improve the signal transmission.

4. How can I make little planet video?

Aleta Viewer APP offers screen recording function that you can use little planet mode to playback your 360 video and record the screen to make you own little planet video.

5. Why is the resolution of Global 4K 3840 x 1920? Shouldn’t 4K videos be 2160P?

The Global videos use spherical (Equirectangular) projection, which has a 2:1 aspect and can be played on standard 360 players. 4K in other modes like 180 and quad would be 2160P for normal 16:9 players.

6. I have edited my 360 video and upload it to YouTube, but it cannot be played as a 360 video, why?

The videos recorded by Aleta 360 cameras are come with 360 metadata and can be uploaded to YouTube / Facebook directly. After editing the metadata may lose and you need to inject it again. You can find the injector on: https://github.com/google/spatial-media/releases/tag/v2.0