Aleta S2C

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Firmware Update

Download it as a zip file.DO NOT unzip it

Make sure batteries are FULL or plug in 12V DC adpater

2019/01/31 AletaS2_v1.04.38

Please upgrade the firmware to the latest version

-Photo shooting now has 4 different modes (add Sports mode and Manual mode)

-HDR now is a switch and supports video, time-lapse and sports mode

*Now there are 2 different methods of HDR:

1.HDR for Day mode and Night mode. It will merge 3 different EV to 1 picture.

The effect is strong, but may get ghost on moving objects.

2.HDR for Sports mode, Video mode, and Time-lapse mode. It’s one shot with enhanced dynamic range.

The effect is weaker, but has no ghost issue.

Please update APP to Android 1.1.25 / iOS 1.0.17 to support the new functions

How to upgrade it?

1. Prepare a SD card with FAT32 file system.

2.Download the ZIP firmware file (.zip) into the root of the SD card. Make sure there is no other zip file in the same root.


Important !

Safari on MAC computer will unzip the file automatically so it won't update well

MAC users please download the file with Chrome browser

3.Make sure batteries are full, or plug in the 12V DC adapter. Otherwise Aleta S2C won't upgrade.

4.Insert the SD card into the camera.

5.Turn on the camera and while the SD card status is “OK”, the camera will start to upgrade. After finishing upgrading, the camera will reboot.

6.Do not shut down the camera before finishing rebooting. Please wait until the OLEd shows camera information (time/resolution/mode)

7.If the zip file is not recognized successfully, the camera will stop upgrading and show “aborted” on the screen of camera. Please press power button to shut down the camera and check the firmware file (.zip) again.

8.If it didn't upgrade successfully, please change the name of file and repeat all the steps