12K 360 degree camera

Aleta S2C

66 Mega-Pixel

Aleta S2C has the world’s highest real-time 12K image that can achieve incredible 360° immersive experience that each angle of view can be ultra-high quality.
Minimum distance 40 in

high resolution 360 camera

Key features

1. The highest resolution in-camera stitching/ HDR 360 camera ( Exclusive patent protected front end stitching ) 全世界最高畫質的機內縫合360相機,媲美Google街景車

2. 66 megapixel photo/ time lapse. 12K(六千六百萬畫素照片畫質與可以拍攝縮時攝影)

3. Real time optical stitching 即時的光流縫合

4. 360 live streaming 360直播(FB/ Youtube)

5. Great night view and 3D noise reduction 超強夜拍與3D降噪技術

6. One shot operation 簡易操作

7. Winner of 2018 Computex Best Choice Award 或的今年台北電腦展最佳選擇獎

8. Reported by the most famous 360 camera website (360 Rumors) 被美國最知名的360相機部落客報導

high resolution 360 camera

In camera stitching (Hardware)

Patent in US, Japan, Taiwan, China

high resolution 360 camera high resolution 360 camera